Select an area of study to view top schools for students studying in those general fields. Every day when I attend class I feel like I'm in a movie. The professors will pray for you, counsel with you, love on you, and make you feel less stressed if you are at the point of being overloaded with assignments. One of the most prestigious public research universities, and the definition of a Public Ivy, UVA remains a dream school for many students, and student life at UVA is famous for its traditions and character. List of MAC If you play Women's Soccer or Baseball then this will be a great school to play at. Oberlin’s spirit of innovation and forward thinking continues confidently into the 21st century, maintaining a reputation as one of the most politically active institutions in the nation, from the Civil Rights Movement to LGBTQ equality. As one of the leading thinkers of the American Enlightenment, Jefferson designed UVA as a testament to the ideals of the Revolution, with an emphasis on science, exploration, and service. Small: Less than 5,000, Medium: 5-15,000, Large: More than 15,000. Featured Dorm: Max Palevsky Residential Commons. Around 1000 students live in Cuarto, and the area is in high demand thanks to a strong community spirit. Sonoma State’s Villages have been recognized nationwide for swankiness, providing students with housing in a handsome garden apartment-style setting. Students live in third-floor dorms, while the downstairs areas are used for lectures, cultural events, and the presentation of Senior Capstone projects. We're about 25 minutes away from downtown knox and about 35-45 from the Gatlinburg, Sevierville area. The resources provided on campus are always made known and readily available as well as opportunities for afterschool organizations. The courses are interesting helping students to stay engaged in their academics! You definitely will not leave HPU without receiving a great education and gaining key connections too!Read 1,460 Reviews, Sophomore: As a parent of a sophmore in Visual Arts and Writing programs, I feel so grateful she got in. The pressure of needing to do well for financial purposes led to me not getting the results that I expect from myself. Not surprisingly, with a population as large, diverse, and ambitious as UF’s, the university needs robust campus life and student residence programs, and UF has it. From the time I toured the campus, I just knew it was where I belong and I can easily say that I still have that feeling today. Union has been recognized by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, and named one of the best colleges for character development. Nicknamed “The Sponge,” Simmons was, in fact, modeled on the humble sea sponge, and won numerous architectural awards for its originality and beauty – and also been named “Eyesore of the Month.” The culture at Simmons is known for its innovativeness and collegiality; Simmons has its own constitution and governmental structure they like to call “lounge” style. It is truly and uncommon community, filled with so many exceptional people and professors! Coming into a four year university as a Latinx first-generation student was nerve-wracking at first; I wasn't sure how well I would adapt to a new environment. Rooms have 10-foot ceilings, granite countertops, urban-style expose concrete, and even views of downtown Houston. Get all of's best Celebrities lists, news, and more. Since the university is smaller than those other established schools it's a lot easier to create interpersonal connections with professors after, during, and before class. The professors are all extremely knowledgable, kind, and caring. I hope this review helps!Read 1,243 Reviews, Freshman: California University of Pennsylvania is a wonderful school! Students at the Max are assigned to one of 8 in-hall “houses,” each of which has its own unique community and character, but share a basement, dining hall, courtyard, and more. Tons of awesome opportunities to participate in fun events for little to no money, as well as free food ALL THE TIME. Pomona’s two newest residence halls – Sontag and Dialynas Halls, opened in 2011 – are two of the most up-to-date and well-planned dorms in California. Campus facilities are modern, very clean, and earth-friendly.Since the university is smaller than those other established schools it's a lot easier to create interpersonal connections with professors after, during, and before class. They even have a student success center for anyone who needs an extra hand. In 1997, Bowdoin made the unusual decision to shut down its Greek organizations (which had contributed to a notorious drinking culture), converting the former fraternity houses into dormitories known as the “College Houses.” These quickly became the most sought-after housing in the college, and some of the best college dorms in America, nicknamed the “living rooms of Bowdoin” due to the strong social aspect of life in the houses. Something I truly love about Colorado Christian is they pray safety, confidence, focus , good grades , good relationships, over all there students and their students pray for the class at the beining of each class, Colorado Christian is United. The Beaufort Campus located in Beaufort, South Carolina are for Studio Art/Media Majors, The HiltonHead Campus located in Hilton Head, South Carolina are for Hospitality Majors, and the Bluffton Campus which is the main campus located in Bluffton, South Carolina are for every other major the school has to offer. Some of the best colleges dorms in America contribute to that loyalty. Today, Pace is still recognized as one of the top business schools in the world, but also attracted students to New York with programs in health professions, computer science, and the world-renowned Actors Studio MFA. Founded in 1833, Oberlin was the first liberal arts college to admit African-Americans (in 1835), and the first to admit women on equal basis with men (in 1837). The faculty and admin prioritized their health first, while the coursework has remained rigorous. The University of South Carolina Beaufort is broken up into 3 campuses. Students can choose private or shared rooms, and can request roommates. Good times. The size of Sonoma State was perfect for my college experience. Yeah, college is a little about where you go but, it's mainly about how you utilize your time and experience! This school is very expensive and that is why I have to transfer and I am a FRESHMAN. Enter a major before choosing whether you want to study online or on campus. My daughter is gifted, but shy shy shy, and her mother is Brazilian, so VERY attached and we worried about sending her away. Everything that I have thought of apply to, such as psychology, nursing, and a veterinarian: they have! Everyone is extremely friendly, all while you are earning a world-class education and building connections that will last for years to come.Read 998 Reviews, Senior: I am really enjoying being a student at the University of Mobile! It is very spacey as well as the bathroom. A full basketball court and sun deck give students a place to enjoy Tucson’s nearly 300 yearly days of sun, and quiet study areas throughout the Lodge are made for serious students. The Massell Quad is home to first-year students, and in addition to comfortable, traditional dorm rooms, also offers the Beit Midrash Jewish Study and Prayer Room, the Kane Reflecting Pool, and the Yakus Meditation Area for a peaceful, studious student life – and a break from the pressure. FGCU’s freshmen (and some sophomores) live in South Village, a residence hall that could easily be mistaken for one of Florida’s luxury resorts. Mansfield overall cares about their students, even in the financial section. With a focus on practical, applied science, educational rigor, and innovation, Illinois Tech became known for its research and development in areas like engineering, architecture, and business. Founded in 1991, Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the youngest members of the State University System of Florida, and a model of growth and development. The University of Mobile has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait to be there again this next school year! With around 15,000 students – half undergraduate, half graduate – Washington University remains dedicated to academic rigor and excellence, as well as a challenging and motivating student life, with some of the best college dorms in America. She is thriving. Everything about these residences focuses on personal and professional growth, from post-graduate workshops and events to career magazines in the laundry room (so students can find their future while waiting for their underwear to dry). The pressure of needing to do well for financial purposes led to me not getting the results that I expect from myself. In addition, the academics are extremely strong as professors prioritize their students, meaning that they put the well-being and success of those they teach in order to prepare them appropriately for future careers.Read 1,397 Reviews, Junior: I have enjoyed my experience at Bowdoin thus far! I have been able to find an incredible support system, long-life friends, outstanding professors, a social residential learning experience, and an active student life. Iggy’s Market, on the ground floor, provides a small grocery store and fresh-made meals for residents, and a dining area. Other esteemed programs, such as the Pharmacy School and Business School, have attracted students from around the nation and internationally, but Campbell still takes pride in its close-knit village, where it has one of the best college dorms in America. But more importantly, each hall has a live-in professor, classrooms, and seminar rooms, extending learning to every day of residence life. With a highly competitive, highly motivated campus culture built around 150 year old traditions, nerdy interests, and a notorious pranking culture (which originated the modern meaning of “hack”), MIT is the dream school of many thousands of students, and one of the colleges with the best dorms. Tufts University is a private research university on the border of Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts.It was founded in 1852 as Tufts College by Christian universalists who sought to open a nonsectarian institution of higher learning. Everyone here majors in their major of choice, along with Bible and Theology (so you double major), so keep that in mind before applying. Emory’s housing reflects its values, standing firmly among the colleges with the best dorms. Campus facilities are modern, very clean, and earth-friendly. The dorms are comfy and reminds me of home. You will have to take over 30 hours of Bible courses, so just a heads up is that's not really your thing. In addition, the academics are extremely strong as professors prioritize their students, meaning that they put the well-being and success of those they teach in order to prepare them appropriately for future careers. They are knowledgeable, and very prompt in their response. Union has also been named an up-and-coming college by U.S. News & World Report, and commended for its dedication to the highest quality of undergraduate education. Founded in 1926, Scripps College is one of the Claremont Colleges, the elite liberal arts colleges clustered around Claremont, CA. The campus is beautiful, and it has a lot resources for studying, such as the Jerry Falwell Library. The buildings, built in 1964, were chosen for renovation rather than demolition, making them a vision of Cincinnati’s transformation in the 21st century, reborn into some of the best college dorms in America. Top Consensus Ranked Schools with the Nicest Dorms. The professors and students are all encouraging and friendly. Brandeis is known for their intense and challenging education – in fact, Brandeis has sometimes been called the most stressful college in American – but it is also known for a close-knit, supportive student body. The South Forty House is a perfect example of a swanky dorm, providing space for around 650 students in a village-like setting. As a former frat house, Quinby features fireplaces, chandeliers, and comfort for 24 students, and is known in particular for its eclectic, inclusive atmosphere. They make it easy to apply for scholarships, applications, classes ect. One of Florida’s two flagship public research universities (along with Florida State University), the University of Florida is also one of the 10 largest single-campus schools in the US, with more than 55,000 students. The students are unique, fun, great people.Read 700 Reviews, Freshman: Being surrounded by passionate and motivated young women from around the country (and the globe!) Fraternities and sororities are banned at Brandeis, as all student activities are intended to be inclusive, and campus life revolves around clubs and resident life. Extremely Selective: < 15%, Very Selective: 15%-30%, Selective: 30%-60%, Average: 60%-90%, Not Selective: > 90%. Like SMU’s new Residential Commons, the buildings in Worth Hills Village are LEED-certified Gold and are roomy, comfortable, and designed for social interaction and growth. Featured Dorms: Raoul Hall, Few & Evans Hall. Life at Fordham’s junior and senior dorms – Campbell, Salice, and Conley Halls – is specifically oriented toward the needs of older students who are looking at their futures after graduation. I would like to see more individuals on campus that help fill out scholarships and things like that. Union University allows me to grow academically in each and every one of my classes, all of the professors want to see you succeed as a student and are there to help at any time. The courtyards of the residential colleges and the buildings on campus are unmatched by any other university in the country. Recommend this school for anyone looking to grow naturally, spiritually, and academically. Opened in 2013 after extensive renovations, Morgens was designed along with UC’s commitment to sustainability, followed by its sister building, Scioto, in 2016. We're about 25 minutes away from downtown knox and about 35-45 from the Gatlinburg, Sevierville area. Our financial aid staff understand the stressors that come with financial aid and go over the moon to help all students through any situation to the best of their abilities. In short, I have and will continue to encourage others to check out this university.Read 9,378 Reviews, Junior: The education is fantastic! The faculty and staff are very supportive of their students and will do anything they can to ensure their students succeed in college. This has affected me as I am only able to attend TCU due to the academic scholarship that I received which lowered the cost of loans that I had to take out. The University has one of the best nursing, communications and Hospitality programs. You definitely will not leave HPU without receiving a great education and gaining key connections too! Of course, in its location, Sonoma State has a nationally-recognized viticulture and wine business program, attracting students from far and wide. Opened in 2009, these McMurtry and Duncan were designed to accommodate 650 students, and used creative and innovative methods to increase sustainability, such as pre-fab, energy-efficient bathroom “pods” in each room. First of all she got a full ride, they removed a massive strain off of our family and did it completely and thoroughly. Featured Dorms: Wanek Center and University Center II. Known as the “college in a garden,” Pomona College is famed for its beauty, as well as its approach to student life and housing, including some of the best college dorms in America. The Austin area is frequently named one of the coolest cities in the US, largely because of the music and art scenes that have grown up around UT, and students can choose nearly any style of housing they could imagine. It has been a great experience so far. However, the downsides are since COVID shifted gears, the change in availability of resources and the online capabilities have been poor and much harder to grasp in terms of lectures and fulfilling course requirements.Read 2,462 Reviews, Sophomore: I am a rising sophomore at Santa Clara University, and my experience thus far has been amazing to say the least. Two luxury residence halls at the University of Florida are worth a closer look. The workload is challenging but manageable, and the expectations are clearly communicated. A few select freshmen at Arcadia get to live in one of the most unique dorms in the world – a literal castle.
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