The 2022 cars with less aerodynamics, more ground effect, and 18-inch tires may only be tested in the wind tunnel from February 2021. Last year, as the sport scrambled to cope with economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus shutdowns, the teams agreed to delay the planned introduction of sweeping new technical rules from 2021 to 2022. “We still want the great teams to win - we have to maintain the integrity of F1, it’s a sport and it still has to have the best people winning. A possible new addition to the F1 grid has said its plans have been pushed back to 2022 at the earliest to take advantage of the sport's new rules. The new rules will lead to cheaper, less complex cars with heavily-revised aerodynamics aimed at improving overtaking, as well as a reduction of the Grand Prix weekends from four to three days. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has dismissed suggestions that the 2022 Formula 1 regulations are designed to stop Mercedes from dominating and says they "need to make racing more exciting". Nov 23, 2020, 9:12 AM. The total or partial reproduction of text, photographs or illustrations is not permitted in any form. In einer mehrteiligen Reihe analysieren wir die Regeln und deren Auswirkungen. Verstappen tops final F1 test as Hamilton spins again, Aubameyang left out of Arsenal side after disciplinary breach. F1 was set for a major overhaul to its technical regulations in 2021 but had to postpone the plan until 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has forced the opening 10 races of the … “They will definitely be 2022,” Brawn said when asked by Sky’s Karun Chandhok if the rules could be further delayed. 6th October 2020, 7:15 7th October 2020, 0:25 | Written by Keith Collantine. In the round-up: Claims Formula 1 will delay new technical regulations by another year to 2023 are “wrong”, a spokesperson has said. Parallel developments this year are prohibited. 2022 bringt die Formel 1 ein neues Reglement an den Start. According to information from, nine of the ten racing teams have campaigned for a postponement of the planned technical changes into the 2022 season. RECENT ARTICLES. Departing Racing Point driver Perez secured his first F1 victory in the Sakhir Grand Prix after fighting back from last place following contact with Charles Leclerc on the opening lap. But Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner said recently there was “reasonable agreement” among the 10 teams to defer the rule changes by an additional year until 2023. The first seven rounds of the season have all been cancelled or postponed thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. comments. “With the cars we have now, they are so complex that the more you spend the quicker you go. Gasly: Debut season won’t be easy for Tsunoda. But even after the holidays, it will not launch full throttle. The Formula 1 teams would like the Corona pandemic to postpone the rule revolution planned for 2021. Jan.27 - Fernando Alonso may be returning to Formula 1 this year, but he is hoping the sport becomes significantly better in 2022. We need to level off that slope and create a situation where money is not the only criteria for how competitive you will be. After the first 10 races of the 2020 F1 season, with seven to go, Ferrari lie sixth in the championship. STUMBLE SHARE SHARE TWEET PIN. NLD controversy debate: Laca pen? Formula 1 has finally revealed its major rule changes for 2021, and there is plenty of ground to cover. By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from that may occasionally include promotional content, F1 paddock members to be tested every 48 hours for COVID-19, Leclerc: Fewer F1 races would force drivers to take more risks, unanimously agreed to delay the regulations until 2022, Brawn "quite optimistic" F1 sprint races won’t devalue main Sunday grand prix, Brawn on why Hamilton ‘has to be’ the F1 driver of the 2020 season, 'On merit' Red Bull win provides optimism of closer F1 2021 fight - Ross Brawn, teams have agreed to slash the budget cap, Raikkonen explains bizarre skirmish with Sainz at end of F1 test, The three ‘quite impressive’ teams that have caught Hamilton’s eye in F1 testing, Mercedes' F1 test data shows it is slower than Red Bull, Combined lap times as Mercedes rack up fewest miles in Bahrain F1 test, Vettel taking positives from F1 testing despite limited mileage, Brawn: Challenging Istanbul surface was “no bad thing” at F1 Turkish GP, F1 boss Ross Brawn hopes 2026 power unit regs will lure Honda back, Brawn backs Hamilton to take F1 wins record to “astonishing” level, Vettel will take Aston Martin F1 team to 'different level' - Brawn, Brawn: Ferrari doesn’t need “revolution” for F1 success, FIRST LOOK: See McLaren’s new Mercedes-powered MCL35M F1 car on track, TAMPILAN PERTAMA: Lihat mobil baru McLaren MCL35M F1 bertenaga Mercedes di trek, VIDEO: Ricciardo aims to “hit the ground running” at McLaren in F1 2021, VIDEO: Ricciardo bertujuan untuk "mulai berlari" di McLaren pada F1 2021. Tyre blankets, meanwhile, will not be scrapped as once proposed, instead remaining for 2021 and 2022, albeit with restrictions. 14th January 2021, 0:01 14th January 2021, 23:18 | Written by Keith Collantine. These changes had been planned for introduction in 2021, with teams developing their cars throughout 2020. F1 is preparing all-new rules from 2022, with it hoped that ground effect machinery will improve the racing by allowing cars to follow each other more closely. Formula 1, its teams and its governing body FIA have agreed in principle to delay the introduction of the planned technical rules overhaul to 2022 to combat the financial loss of a reduced calendar this season. Gearbox design will be more restricted, with configurations frozen to save research and development costs. shares. Ross Brawn says F1's plan to introduce new technical regulations for 2022 will "definitely" go ahead and face no further delays. Solskjaer: Lingard loan was a 'no-brainer', F1: New rules 'definitely' coming in 2022, not 2023, says Ross Brawn. By: Adam Cooper. Hulk not giving up on 2022 full-time F1 drive. 13 January 2021 F1 0. “Some teams are pushing to delay them for a further year but I think there’s a justifiable need to carry these cars over into next because we’re in the middle of a terrible crisis. The post F1: Reports ‘wrong’ of delay to new 2022 rules appeared first on F1 News by PlanetF1. Formula 1 have quickly knocked down a report that the sweeping rules changes planned for 2022 will be delayed by another year. Mercedes principal Toto Wolff says F1 faces an 'earthquake' with the introduction of 2022's new rules, adding it will be a formidable challenge to his team. VIDEO: Pembalap F1 mana yang paling membutuhkan 2021 yang lebih kuat. There were calls from certain team bosses to carry on with cars similar to the current generation until 2023, with Red Bull's Christian Horner telling Sky F1 last month: "There's not a single component that is a carryover from 2021 into 2022. 1's sweeping new technical regulations will "definitely" be introduced But I think we can have a competitive form of racing in the future with these new regulations, with these new cars. F1 was set for a major overhaul to its technical regulations in 2021 but had to postpone the plan until 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has forced the opening 10 races of the 2020 season to be called off. Nov 11, 2020, 11:54 AM . Jan.14 - Formula 1 has flatly denied suggestions the sweeping new rules for 2022 could be delayed yet another year. The two-time world champion, who has been on sabbatical for two years, is referring to the sweeping new regulations that have been delayed until 2022 due to the pandemic. Alonso says he hopes 2022 season rules improve F1 problems. F1: Reports ‘wrong’ of delay to new 2022 rules Date published: January 13 2021 Formula 1 have quickly knocked down a report that the sweeping rules changes planned for 2022 … "But I think we'll have a competitive form of racing in the future with these new regulations and the new cars. Dec 30, 2020, 1:05 AM Carlos Sainz hopes that Formula 1’s 2022 rules live up to the hype and put more power back in the hands of drivers. Explaining why F1 "needs" to introduce the overhaul sooner rather than later, Brawn added: "The initiatives we're bringing with these new regulations are to make the sport more economically viable in terms of the complexity, where the money's spent, the competitiveness. F1's new rules are aimed at improving the level of racing while maintaining the sport's status as the pinnacle of motorsport. Newey in the last three decades has been instrumental in the world championship-winning runs that the Williams and McLaren teams had in the 90s and what Red Bull achieved at the turn of the previous decade. The Formula 1 teams are discussing a postponement of the new rules to 2022. "So we need these new cars to even that slope out. Join RaceFans on Facebook. F1's new cars, initially set for 2021, will only be delayed a season, F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn speaks exclusively to The F1 Show to provide the latest updates on talks in the sport to cut costs and get the season up and running from July, The rules will lead to cars with revised aerodynamics aimed at improving racing. Changes that were initially planned for 2021, but were postponed by a year due to the coronavirus crisis. Verstappen: F1 2022 rules not designed to stop Mercedes. Aerodynamic development on the new cars has been banned for the rest of this year in a further move to reduce costs for the teams. If they finish there, it will be their worst result for 40 years. In 2022, F1 moves to all-new … Reports F1 will delay new rules again to 2023 are “wrong” RaceFans Round-up Posted on . "The cars we have now are so complex, the more you spend the quicker you go. The rules, bringing an overhaul to the sport's cars, were initially set for 2021 but have been delayed due to coronavirus, with F1 and its teams looking to save money where they can. Lamela red? Contact Crash.Net Privacy Policy Get Crash RSS Newsfeeds About Crash.Net. "I think there's a justifiable need to carry these cars over into next year because we're in the middle of a terrible virus," said Brawn. 01/13/2021 Comments Off on F1: Reports 'wrong' of delay to new 2022 rules | Planet F1. F1’s new aero handicap rules mean Ferrari’s dire season will help them in 2022 2020 F1 season Posted on . “They’ve been deferred a year but they are definitely coming in in ’22.”.
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