[222], Also on 13 January, there were clashes in Tafas in the western Daraa countryside, between the rival Zoubi and Kiwan clans, leading to the deaths of four people from both sides. UAE foreign minister calls for return of Syria to the Arab League saying it is in the interest of the region. The same day the UN human rights chief expressed her pressing concerns over the increase in fighting in northwest Syria and has also blamed the Syrian government and Russia for intentionally causing harm to civilians. About 200 oil trucks caught fire in missile attacks and it took 20 hours to bring blazes under control. Syria; 10 dead in IDF Attack on Syrian Missile Batteries in Retaliation for Border Explosives. Opposition media said the targets were 1st Corps positions, showed video of Syrian air defences falling short and hitting a residential neighbourhood, and reported several injuries in Al-Kiswah as well as damage to Iranian military equipment. [113], In June 2020, the Syrian pound underwent a dramatic collapse. [247] The protesters were demonstrating against the siege on their neighborhood in Hassakeh city, as dozens of men were seen taking to the streets. Ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield, urged that the status of tens of thousands detainees of the 10-year conflict in Syria be disclosed. [177] According to the war monitor, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the number of those killed in the attack had reached at least 10 people. Apart from the strike being carried out close to the Syria-Iraq border, it was also reported that it had hit sites in eastern Syria's Deir Ezzor region as well. [193][194] Satellite images suggested that four buildings for manufacturing weapons were damaged during the air strikes. The International Committee of the Red Cross also called for a ceasefire, as they cannot simultaneously deal with the virus outbreak and cater for the displaced people of Syria, the ICRC regional director added. A total of 103 civilians were said to have been killed, with 51 of them dying as a result of air strikes and shellings. Satellite images revealed damage to a key Syrian regime airbase on … [223], On 14 January, SOHR repirted that Liwa Fajr al-Islam rebel fighters captured three government fighters in the western Daraa countryside, as part of a renewed rebel offensive. [206], On the night of 6 January, according to SOHR, Israeli airstrikes left three Iran-backed militia dead. Continued operations have caused over 200,000 refugees to flee the area, with many fleeing to Turkey. (3) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—It is the sense of Congress that, in implementing this section, the President should consider financial support under paragraph (2)(A) to include the provision of loans, credits, or export credits. "[209], On 3 January, three buses were attacked by suspected ISIL militants on a highway in central Syria, leading to the death of nine people. [155] Among the wounded victims, 15 civilians who were in critical condition were reportedly rushed to Kilis, a city across the Turkish border, in order to receive medical attention. [109][110] Apart from the two Syrian soldiers killed in the southern province of Sweida, five members of the pro-Iranian militia were also killed, bringing the death toll to seven people, the Times of Israel reported. [275], On February 14, an International Coalition UAV killed a senior ISIS operative in the Rawda region, about 50 km northeast of Deir ez-Zor. — ⑨الكابتن (@ahmadlebanezeh) June 4, 2020. controlled by Turkish-backed rebels in Aleppo countryside. The U.S. launched an air attack in Syria Thursday. [125][126][127] Russia continued to expand its influence and military role in the areas of Syria where the main military conflict was occurring. No group claimed responsibility. [265], On 8 February, according to SOHR, four Asayish members were killed and three others were wounded in an ISIS attack on a checkpoint in the western countryside of Al-Raqqa. [226][227][228] However, the Syrian military maintained that its air defense systems managed to intercept most of the Israeli missiles. SDF reinforcements were also ambushed by IS on approach to the area, leaving a further 6 SDF fighters dead and another 6 wounded. 2 şehit, 5 yaralı, Turkey Claims 'More Than 50' Syrian Forces Killed After Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Airstrike, Breaking: Russia destroys 10 Turkish-backed militant vehicles in northern Syria, "Turkey suffers casualties as Syrian government continues advance on Idlib", Nearly 45 regime and Turkish soldiers and rebels killed in shelling and violent battles on Al-Nayrab frontline, east of Idlib, "Türkische Soldaten sterben durch Luftangriffe in Idlib - DER SPIEGEL - Politik", Dozens of Turkish soldiers killed in strike in Idlib in Syria, "Turkey hits 'all known' Syrian govt positions after soldiers killed in Idlib", "Airstrike Hits Turkish Forces in Syria, Raising Fears of Escalation", "33 Turkish soldiers killed, 36 wounded in Syria's Idlib - live blog", "Deciphering Turkey's darkest night in Syria", "One Turkish soldier killed, two wounded in Syria's Idlib: ministry", "56 Syrian regime troops, military hardware destroyed as another Turkish soldier killed in Idlib", "Alarm after Syrian attack kills Turkish soldiers", "Syrian airstrikes kill dozens of Turkish troops in Idlib - live updates - 28.02.2020", "Syrian killed in rare clash between US troops, government forces", "Syria war: 'One killed' as US troops clash with government loyalists near Qamishli", "US Convoy Attacked by Pro-Government Militia in Northeast Syria | Voice of America - English", "US forces kill 1 Syrian regime militiaman in Al-Hasakah", "Over 50 US military vehicles enter northeastern Syria", "Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government", "Turkey announces major offensive against Syrian government forces", "Turkey downs two Syrian fighter jets as it intensifies Idlib attacks", "Syria war: Turkey intensifies Idlib onslaught after air strike", "Turkey shoots down two Syrian fighter jets over Idlib", "Why Turkey launched a major offensive against the Syrian government", "Turkey, Russia announce ceasefire in Syria's Idlib", "Turkey and Russia announce ceasefire in northwest Syria", "Russia and Turkey agree ceasefire in Syria's Idlib province", "Syria war: Russia and Turkey agree Idlib ceasefire", "UN calls for total ceasefire in Syria to focus on coronavirus", "Syrian Ceasefire Critical to Combating Coronavirus-U.N., Red Cross", "Israel targets senior Syrian and Iranian military officers meeting in Hama", "Israel 'strikes Syrian regime base' as campaign against Iran continues amid coronavirus", "Syria air defences down Israeli missiles over Homs: state media", "Syrian media says Israeli war planes attack near Homs", "Syria: Record drop in monthly death toll | DW | 01.04.2020", "Lowest Monthly Death Toll in 9 Years of Syria War", Turkish riot police break up Syrian highway protest, Sources: Russia recruiting youth from southern Syria to fight in Libya, Assad regime violence continues despite coronavirus, "Syria reports Israeli strikes near Damascus", "Syria civilians killed in Israeli missile attack: State media", "Israel bombs Iran-backed forces near Syrian capital", "Bomb blast kills 40 people in Syria's Afrin: Turkey", "Fuel truck bomb kills more than 40 in northern Syria", "Dozens killed in fuel-truck blast in Syrian town of Afrin", "Syria war: Dozens killed in truck bomb attack at Afrin market", "Attack in Syria Town Run by Turkish-Backed Fighters Kills 40", "Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Pushed Assad to Break Syria's Idlib Ceasefire", "Syrie : Mohammed bin Zayed a encouragé Bachar al-Assad à rompre le cessez-le-feu d'Idlib", "Syria attacks constitute 'war crimes': Report", "Amnesty accuses Damascus, Moscow of 'war crimes' in Syria", "UN envoy calls for Russia-US talks to help end Syrian war", "UN envoy calls on US, Russia to hold talks to help end Syria war", "UN Envoy Calls for Russia-US Talks to Help End Syria War", "UN envoy calls on US, Russia to push for peace in Syria amid recent calm", Tomb of Umayyad Caliph exhumed by militias in Syria, "Russia aims to boost military facilities in Syria | DW | 30.05.2020", "Russia eyeing expansion of military bases in Syria", "125 civilians killed in Syria in May: Watchdog", "125 civilians killed in Syria in May, report finds", "125 Civilians Documented Killed in Syria in May 2020, including Eight Who Died Due to Torture, and One Massacre - Syrian Arab Republic", "Russia hits targets in Syria de-escalation zone, delivers MiG-29s", "Russian airstrikes hit Syria's rebel bastion for first time since ceasefire: Report", "Syrian activists: Russia continuing attacks in Idlib despite ceasefire", "Syrian Army retakes 2 towns in northwestern Hama after launching counter-attack", "Syria's war: Activists call for release of political prisoners", "Syria's war: Activists call for release of political prisoners - The Global Herald", "Syrian doctor arrested in Germany for 'crimes against humanity, "Syrian Doctor Accused of Torture Is Arrested in Germany", "Syrian doctor accused of prison torture arrested in Germany", "Syrian doctor arrested in Germany for alleged crimes against humanity", "German police arrest Syrian doctor for 'crimes against humanity' | DW | 22.06.2020", "Two Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli aerial attacks: State media", "Syrian army says Israel hit several bases across country", "Israeli airstrikes reported against Iranian sites in Syria, killing 7", "Syrian air defences respond to Israeli attack on southern and eastern Syria | Cyprus Mail", "Israel launches overnight airstrikes on Syria's military sites - Xinhua | English.news.cn", Charting the dramatic collapse of Syria's national currency, "Protest in southwest Syria against faltering economy, corruption", "Syria's economic crisis sparks rare anti-regime protests", "Protests hit Druze city in Syria for fourth day amid plunging currency", Sanctions on Syrian government also threaten Washington's Kurdish allies, "Protests hit Druze city in Syria for fourth day", "Syria war: Assad sacks PM as economic crisis sparks protests", Syrian pound hits record low ahead of new U.S. sanctions: dealers, Syrian currency collapse throws country into uncertainty, Syrian currency loses more value as sanctions hit, Assad faces backlash in Syria as economy crashes Hundreds of protesters gather in the restive south of the country as the prices of everyday essentials sky-rocket, Syria Insight: Syria's collapsing economy threatens Assad's rule, Warm waters at last: Russia's expanding military footprint in the Middle East, Number of Damascus businessmen launch initiatives to reduce prices, Turkey imposes its currency on the areas it occupied in northern Syria, "US 'Caesar Act' sanctions could devastate Syria's flatlining economy", Syria economic meltdown presents new challenge for Assad, Syria, wracked by years of war, about to be hit by punitive U.S. sanctions, The Caesar Act: Impacts and Implementation, Inflation, shortages worsen Syrian poverty on eve of new US sanctions, How Syria’s Economic Difficulties have Caused a Food Crisis, Text of H.R.31 - Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the figures includes almost 117,388 civilians, among them more than 22,000 children. [106] According to the German prosecutors’ office, at the time of the incident, the detainee was said to be suffering from an epileptic seizure, after being arrested for participating in a protest. [81][82], On 11 May, reports from Amnesty International suggested that 18 attacks were carried out on civilian facilities, including medical facilities, in northwestern Syria between May 5, 2019 and February 25, 2020, by the Syrian government. Conscription of teachers is affecting the education of nearly half a million students, new report says. The group maintained that it had killed 40 Syrian army soldiers during the attack, while leaving six others seriously injured. [97] Based on reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the airstrikes were launched where the borders of Hama, Idlib, and Latakia provinces converge. [98] According to the Daily Sabah, no casualties were reported. Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Rebels. ... 2020 … [251], On February 2, a truce between SDF forces and government forces lifted a three-week SDF siege of government-held neighbourhoods in Kurdish-controlled Hasaka and Qamishli. [10] In December 2019, China and Russia vetoed the current proposal to renew all four existing crossing points, which are located in Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey; they wish to eliminate all crossing points except the ones in Turkey. Turkish forces launched an attack against Syria on Sunday after President Bashar al-Assad's regime killed more than two dozen Turkish forces in the province of Idlib. [272] In addition, SDF soldiers were attacked by IS operatives in the Basira area, about 30 km southeast of Deir ez-Zor, leaving one fighter dead. [100][101] The fighting left 22 rebels and 19 government soldiers killed, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. [64][65][66] According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) based in the UK, eight missiles were believed to have been fired by the Israeli warplanes at the Al-Shayrat air base. A Turkish military convoy is seen parked near the town of Batabu on the highway linking Idlib to the Syrian Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey, on March 2, 2020. Analysts noted that a resolution to the current banking crisis in Lebanon might be crucial to restoring stability in Syria. The SOHR called this the deadliest ISIS attack so far in 2021. [23] A Russian UAV was reported to have been shot down during the initial shelling and rocket strikes. “The Syrian people have been brutalised for a decade now and the country is devastated by conflict but we appear to be staring into the precipice of a dangerous new stage of the conflict … which risks a devastating new unravelling.”[131], Russia publicly stated that it would support the existing government of Syria. [210][206] The Jerusalem Post reported that Western intelligence sources linked the rise in militancy to local Arab Sunni tribal anger at executions for suspected ISIL ties of dozens of local nomads by Iranian Shi'ite militia in the area. ... October 26, 2020 United States Sanctions Iranian Energy Institutions Supporting the IRGC-QF Read more. A light airstrike by a Su-22s halted the convoy, after which more intense bombing forced the Turkish soldiers to take shelter in the nearby buildings. the Associated Press noted that the sanctions could "be a heavy blow to a country where eight out of 10 people make less than $100 a month. [168], On October 23, Russian missiles targeted an illegal oil market controlled by Turkish backed rebels, between the villages of Al-Kousa and Ain Al-Bayda in Jarabulus countryside, Alepo Governorate, killing 7 persons and injuring 15 more. [319] The report by UNICEF suggested that at least 12,000 had either been killed or injured, while displacing million others from school. [284], On February 19, 2021, an IED was activated against Syrian soldiers in the Salamiyah desert region, about 30 km southeast of Hama. 11 Mar 2021 President Donald Trump on Friday ordered the United States military — in conjunction with France and the United Kingdom — to launch strikes on Syria … [178], On 22 November, a week after the death of Walid al-Moallem, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has designated Faisal Mekdad as Syria’s new foreign minister. [160], On 30 September, dozens of Syrians demonstrated in Idlib city, to mark five years of Russia’s intervention in the civil war, and stood amid the rubble of houses destroyed by Russian bombing raising slogans such as "the Russian occupiers must leave" and "Putin and his warplanes destroyed the most ancient civilization in history". (E) knowingly, directly or indirectly, provides significant construction or engineering services to the Government of Syria. The report said that the Syrian military intentionally attacked civilian facilities such as schools and hospitals. [115] The following day, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the provincial governor's office regardless of the security forces that had been deployed in the area, calling for government allies Iran and Russia to vacate the country and chanting anti-government slogans. [52] The announcement was made by Turkey’s defense minister Hulusi Akar, after which he described the decision as an attempt to prevent the Syrian government from launching dangerous attacks against Syrians, as well as to ensure the establishment of an extensive ceasefire in the region. Also on the same day, regime forces attacked rebel forces with rockets in western Idlib leading to the deaths of 4 members of the 'National Liberation Front' rebel faction. [83][84][85], On 18 May, the UN envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen urged Russia and the US to take advantage of the partial cooling down of the situation in the region, and sue for peace so as to bring the conflict to an end. [47][48] Local sources and US officials said that pro-Syrian militia fighters were also part of the stand off. [230] On 24 January, SOHR reported that negotiations broke down between pro-government forces and rebel factions (in particular Fajr al-Islam and the Central Committee), resulting in clashes in the cities of Tafas and Muzayrib. [78] According to the governor of the neighbouring Hatay province, across the Turkish border, the explosion was believed to have been caused by the rigging of a fuel tanker with hand grenades. Unconfirmed reports from Syria spoke of explosions near Al-Bukamal, a town in the Deir-ez-Zor province near the border with Iraq. [229], On 23 January, government 4th Division fighters launched a new offensive in the western countryside of Daraa, targeting the towns of Tafas, Muzayrib and Al-Yadudah. The Russian military is acting as a mediator in these events, and has threatened a military incursion if compliance is not given. [264] An SDF intelligence operative was targeted by gunfire in the Diban area, about 5 km east of Al-Mayadeen. Planned attacks on U.S. targets in Lebanon and Syria were the threat that caused the president to order the killing of Iran's Qassem Soleimani, say officials. Guardians of Religion Organization claimed responsibility for the attack through a message circulated on social media. [277][278][279][280] [281], On 17 February, the SOHR reported the deaths of 4 government soldiers after fighting off an ISIS ambush on the Damascus-Deir Ezzour highway. [240], On 30 January, a car bomb in Turkish-controlled Afrin City, killed eight, including four children; SDF/PKK forces were believed responsible. The meeting between the Turkish and Russian president which was held in Moscow, reportedly lasted for about six hours, according to CNN. The Syrian government denied carrying out the attack, calling into question the authenticity of the footage. [299][300] According to the SOHR however, the airstrikes targeted an area south of Damascus, Sayyida Zeinab, occupied by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Lebanese Hezbollah. [266] The same day was also reported that ISIS operatives attacked Syrian army positions near the Al-Taym oil field, leaving 3 special forces of the Syrian army and air force dead. Parties to Syria’s brutal civil war, now in its tenth year, failed to abide by their obligations under international law to avoid attacks on hospitals and other civilian facilities that featured on the UN’s so-called deconfliction list, Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday. [79] Many people, alongside those who got trapped in their cars were burnt to death as a result of the blast, Syrian activists disclosed. [313] An SDF commander was also targeted by machine gun fire in the Diban area and was killed. [265], On 4 February, according to SOHR, a Turkish officer officer was killed while he was dismantling an IED which was intended to detonate at the entrance to the headquarters of “al-Hamza Division". ISIS operatives also captured an SDF intelligence operative in the Basira area, about 15 km north of Al-Mayadeen. The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights called the strike the heaviest attack since the beginning of the ceasefire. [146], On 9 July, Russia and China failed in a second U.N. Security Council bid to cut aid access to Syria from Turkey, and the council would now vote on a last-ditch attempt to extend approval for cross-border aid deliveries before it expires on 10 July. My fear is that Caesar will achieve the exact opposite of its stated goals, fuelling the worst impulses of the Syrian regime and wider conflict. He was interrogated and then executed. [31] The Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed that two Turkish soldiers had been killed and five wounded due to an airstrike during the assault,[32] while also claiming the Turkish-backed rebels killed 50 Syrian government forces during the battle. [144], Syria's Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, asked the UN for assistance, and said that sanctions by the US and the EU were unfairly harming the general population of Syria. [258], A suspected ISIS VIED targeted a pro-government checkpoint near the Al-Maleha area, south of Deir Ez Zor. Information about aggregated casualty counts is found at Casualties of the Syrian civil war. Turkey blamed the YPG for the attack. A human rights monitor blamed Islamic State for the attack, saying all those killed were soldiers. He also mentioned that Russia, Turkey and Iran, are all integral to the establishment of a ceasefire in the region. At least 12 Syrian soldiers were killed according to the SOHR. [250], On February 1, 2021, an ISIS IED was activated against an SDF vehicle in central Al-Raqqah. [162], On 6 October a truck bombing killed at least 18 people and injured another 40 in al-Bab, Aleppo Governorate, Syria. [323][324][325], On 13 March, the SOHR reported that IS cells killed 2 SDF soldiers after targeting them with silenced pistols at the Al-Taqba airport, west of Raqqa. Morgan Ortagus, Department Spokesperson. [53] Two Syrian fighter jets were reported to have been shot down in Idlib province by a Turkish F-16, as the offensive against Syrian forces intensifies. [16] Humanitarian organizations called for a ceasefire in Idlib after 520,000 people had been displaced from their homes. [197], On 30 December, a Syrian military official accused Israel of a missile strike on a military unit in Damascus, close to the Zabadani Valley. Under this legislation, the Trump Administration can penalize any organization that invests in certain economic sectors of Syria, or that lends any money to the Syrian government.[134][135][136]. This was due to requests by Turkey for a ceasefire, in order to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into Turkey. [5], On 21 January, Russian warplanes targeted a farm on the outskirts of the Kafar Taal village, in western Aleppo province, killing nine civilians, among them six children, and also targeted areas in the southern and south-eastern countryside of Idlib, inflicting damage to property. Pedersen is the fourth mediator serving in the capacity of UN envoy to Syria who has attempted to resolve the differences in the war-torn country. | Start Here, Turkey, Russia, Qatar push for political resolution in Syria, Syria: Oil refinery attacks raise fears of ‘grave escalation’, ‘What is this place?’ Syrians recall life and death in prison, Young Syrians paying heavy toll for decade of war: Report, US sanctions challenge Syria’s Arab League return: UAE, ‘It’s not safe’: Report finds children want life away from Syria, Syria’s war transformed women’s roles through empowerment, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and wife Asma test positive for COVID-19, Missile strikes hit oil refineries in northern Syria, killing one, Lives of youth ‘in jeopardy’ in Middle East, North Africa: UNICEF, Attacks on health care in Syria take ‘catastrophic’ toll, SDF militia forcibly conscripting teachers in Syria: Report, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. [195] According to SANA, just a day before the attack, two sites in southern Syria had been reported to have been targeted by Israel. [205][206] ISIL issued a statement claiming responsibility for the bus attack. [33] The Russian Ministry of Defence said Russian forces destroyed one tank, six armored vehicles, and five other vehicles all belonging to the rebels. [283], On February 18, 2021, an SDF fighter was targeted by gunfire in the Sabha area, in Deir ez-Zor’s eastern rural area. Mohammed bin Zayed offered Assad $3 billion in cash to push the offensive. [54][55] Also, the Syrian media confirmed that there were no casualties in the northwestern Idlib attack. [294][293], On 25 February, the US military disclosed that it launched an attack on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in eastern Syria. [104][105] When Mousa was working at a prison in Homs in 2011, he reportedly engaged in beating a detainee (who had been assigned to him for treatment) with a plastic pipe. The president’s office says the couple are in good health and will continue to work while in isolation at home. ... Jan. 3, 2020 04:08. Following is the October installment of “ISIS Redux: The Central Syria Insurgency,” a monthly chronicle of attacks by the terrorist group ISIS in central Syria. [248] According to Kurdish sources, though, the incident occurred as pro-government forces attacked an SDF security point, leading to the death of one government fighter,[247] while the Turkish Daily Sabah reported that the Syrian who died was a regime security member killed by the YPG forces after they had opened fire on pro-Assad protesters. Israel did not confirm the strikes, which the JPost said were the sixth Israeli attributed attack in 2021. [176] Iranian and Syrian targets within Syria, were the targets of the attack, as military compounds, headquarters and storage facilities were hit by the Israeli IDF fighter jets. [87][88][89], On 27 May, pro-Syrian government militias destroyed and desecrated the grave of the eighth Umayyad Caliph Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, located in the village of Deir Sharqi in the area of Ma'arrat al-Nu'man in the north-west province of Idlib, and with the contents exhumed and disappeared. Five Turkish-backed fighters died in the attack in Bizaah. [287][288] Meanwhile in the outskirts of the village of Bzapour in the southern countryside of Idlib, one civilian was killed and many others wounded, during a rocket attack launched by Syrian government forces, according to the SOHR. 2020-03-11T02:29:56Z ... observing them as he joined a patrol by US soldiers tasked with protecting oil fields in northeast Syria. [27][28], After heavy fighting,[26] the rebels managed to take full control of the town. He was killed. And is there an end in sight? [305] Thousands of Syrians are believed to have gone missing, with at least 14,000 others who have undergone torture, the Daily Sabah added. [249], Also on the 31st, according to SOHR, several military formations the Peace Spring area of NW Syria, under the banner of Ahrar al-Sham, stated they had suspended operation. [148][149], On 15 July, unknown aircraft, suspected to be Russian, carried out airstrikes on the city of al-Bab, controlled by the Syrian National Army and Turkey. [161], On 5 October, Oman became the first Persian Gulf country to reinstate its ambassador in Syria. The TIP repelled the attack; five government soldiers were killed and at least nine others were injured, while TIP lost three fighters and others injured. Before then, on December 25, 2019, in a lecture at the Inter-Disciplinary Center in Herzliya, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said that the focus of the IDF’s campaign between the wars against Iran and its allies is to prevent the entrenchment of the Quds forces in Syria and the threat of precision r… Syrian State TV confirmed attacks on two warplanes, and said both pilots had managed to land safely. The attack in Azaz was near a building used by SNA fighters. [45][46], On 12 February, government supporters blocked and pelted a US military convoy passing through Qamishli town in northeastern Syria, which led to a clash with US troops, killing one civilian and injuring another. Attacks by the Syrian regime and allied militia forces accounted for the majority of civilian deaths, said the Britain-based monitor which relies on sources inside Syria for its reports. Share on Facebook; ... and the names and ranks of the Syrian officers who ordered the attacks, although it … [202], On 31 December, a Syrian Army convoy south of Deir ez-Zor was ambushed by ISIL insurgents, leaving at least 37 Syrian Army soldiers dead and wounding several others. There is no certainty as to whether the civilian that got killed was armed or not, a monitoring group stated. [245][246][240], Meanwhile, in Syria’s northeastern city of Hassakeh, Deir Ez Zor province, one person was reportedly killed and four others injured, when Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shot at pro-government protesters. [10], On 1 February, four officers from the K and S units of Russia's Federal Security Service were reported killed near Aleppo. Foreign ministers also reaffirm a commitment to Syria’s ‘sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity’.
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